Building on Pillars – La Liga Round 5

The intensity of La Liga increases: Round 5 finished and in a few hours Round 6 will start. Each team’s wear grows because, over the same period of time, the number of games (both national and international) increase but that does not hold the quality of the matches.

Each round has 10 First Division games. Round 5 offered four draws – three of them goalless. In addition, there was a clear imbalance in two games:
Rayo Vallecano 0 – FC Barcelona 4
Real Madrid 4 – Getafe 1.
Doing the maths, there are only four games in Round 5 to highlight. A Round we are already forgetting at the immediacy of Round 6.

Each team of La Liga has to consolidated and build on the pillars that support a group of people with the same objective – this is the definition of a team.

The goalkeeper is one of the pillars of a professional football team. The only good point about the attention that Iker Casillas receives now-a-days is the importance of the player who usually wears the number one t-shirt. By the way, the goalkeeper of Real Madrid seems to have his priorities in order: he is “happy” as the birth of his first child approaches.

The Celta Vigo goalkeeper, Yoel Rodríguez Oterino, was showcased in the game:
Celta de Vigo 0 – Villarreal 0. The keeper was the pillar that held his teammates in a game with many chances but not goals.

Real Betis 0 – Granada 0: the key player of the team of Granada is also a goalkeeper. Roberto Fernandez kept the hopes of the visiting team that will fight to stay in Primera Division.

The case of Thibaut Nicolas Marc Courtois, Atletico Madrid goalkeeper, is different. His performance is equivalent with those of Godin and Filipe – the players who participated in all games of Diego Simeone’s team. The function of this goalkeeper does not stand out as much as the goal of the coach seems to be the team itself, like a single solid pillar involving only players who are in the best physical condition. This is also confirmed by other players of La Liga: Óscar González (Real Valladolid) – “They are a level above.” and Raoul Loé (C.A. Osasuna) – “a total group.” The result:
Valladolid 0 – Atletico Madrid 2.

Some teams in La Liga have a leading player that, due his career and attitude, sets the pace of the team. Andres Iniesta is one of the pillars of F.C. Barcelona. The player is involved in a peculiar situation: he is adapting to the tactics of coach Tata Martino and is also negotiating the renewal of his contract – which will end in 2015. These are causes that can affect the performance of the leader.

Other teams choose a towering player for each line – goal, defense, midfield and attack. At Real Madrid, Angel Di Maria is becoming the candidate for midfield leader (considering that Xabi Alonso is injured). The merengue coach Carlo Ancelotti said: “He’s a unique in both its quality and commitment.”

One of the outstanding matches of Round 5 involves Valencia C.F. While there is no player taking the lead for the team, there is a special link between the players. This union is the commitment that the players feel for their coach. A positive result for the team Miroslav Djukic:
Valencia 3 – Sevilla 1.

The other big game of the Round:
RCD Espanyol 3 – Athetic Bilbao 2. Both coaches agreed in the analysis after an intense game. The coach of RCD Espanyol, Javier Aguirre, added: “Sergio Garcia does not have to prove anything; he is our leader and the most talented player.”

More results from La Liga Round 5

Osasuna 2 – Elche 1
Real Sociedad 0 – Malaga 0
Almería 2 – Levante 2

Before the torrent of national and international matches, the teams must recognize their strengths and build on these pillars to achieve their objectives. The challenge is to put it in practice today, in Round 6 of La Liga!

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