Maximum Performance – La Liga Round 7

La Liga football teams overcame an endurance test: they played three games over the last ten days. In addition, seven First Division teams must keep the intense pace during the international competitions: the Europa League and the Champions League.

The performance of a football team depends, among other factors, on their internal capabilities and, to a lesser extent, on the challenge set by the opposing team. This combination of factors is equal to the maximum yield of a team in a specific game. In this tactical game, coaches must calculate the efforts of the players to perform at their best in every game, based on the needs of the team and according to the demand of the opposing team. Also, coaches should try to keep this combination of factors throughout the season.

Given the large number of national and international games played by every team in La Liga, winning is always the objective. The ‘Match of Round 7’ was the Madrid derby.

Real Madrid 0 – Atletico Madrid 1: The “colchoneros” team managed to score the only goal early in the game and, therefore, took in a greater challenge: keeping this result at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. The coaching staff showed a clear idea of game: “We tried to let them (Real Madrid) attack on the wings, we interpreted that the danger was in the middle with Isco, Cristiano and Di Maria.” Both the starting and the substitute players showed strength in all lines. “There is an idea that is not negotiable, nothing is more important that the team” – said Diego Simeone, Atletico Madrid coach. At the Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid rivals are conditioned by being the visiting team and are also limited by the requirements set by the individual players of the local team. However, the players of Atletico de Madrid showed their maximum performance, their fullest potential, in the Spanish capital derby. The bond of the group was reflected in the final comments of Diego Simeone: “today’s match was very well interpreted. The players were spectacular, congratulations to them.”

Round 7 – Remarkable Games

Valencia C.F. 1 – Rayo Vallecano 0: the team took advantage of an error from Rayo Vallecano to win their third straight game. However, the team from the city of Valencia is not looking comfortable on the field and should increase the performance to meet more demanding rivals.

C.A Osasuna 0 – Levante U.D. 1: the team playing at home in El Sadar stadium squandered countless opportunities and that mistake unleashed another defeat. Both teams must perform to the best of their ability to stay in Primera Division.

Celta de Vigo 0 – Elche 1: the lack of ideas while attacking of the two teams kept the intensity of the match until the last minute. Celta de Vigo had the possession of the ball but the visiting team won.

Real Betis 1 – Villarreal C.F. 0: the two teams were very tired. Only one goal was enough for the home team. After seven rounds, the first defeat of Villarreal C.F. after the promotion to Primera Division: maximum performance for Marcelino Garcia Toral’s team.

Round 7 – More Results

Real Valladolid 2 – Malaga F.C. 2
Almería 0 – F.C. Barcelona 2
Real Sociedad 1 – Sevilla F.C. 1
RCD Espanyol 0 – Getafe C.F. 2
Granada 2 – Athletic Club 0

Final Remarks

When a football team wins but does not display the maximum performance, there are two considerations:

  1. Football is unpredictable: it is possible to win a game without analyzing the internal capabilities of a team or without the need to consider the opposing team.
  2. 2. Given the large number of national and international games that La Liga clubs play, the team that learns how to win with a volatile performance will be the strongest team in the league and also the most complete – as that team will not need to appeal to its peak performance in order to win a game.
    1. Find more news about La Liga players and teams in, followed by the analysis of Round 8.

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