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Messi scores against Athletic Bilbao

A Mess in the Pichichi Standings

Messi scores against Athletic Bilbao

After this weekend of matches there is now a mess with the Pichichi classification and it’s not the first time it’s happened.

After his 2 goals at the weekend in Barcelona’s 5-1 win over Athletic Bilbao, Leo Messi extended his lead at the top of this year’s Pichichi. But should he be tied at the top with another player (ahem, Ronaldo) then there will be all sorts of uproar.

There was similar controversy in both 2004-05 and 2010-11, stemming from the awarding of goals by Marca newspaper. Now, despite there being an official count of the league top scorer, the prestigious Pichichi trophy is set up and awarded by Marca newspaper, and Marca don’t use the official goals panel to decide who scored the goals. They decide themselves.

In 2004-05 Diego Forlan won the Pichichi outright, with 25 goals awarded. This, however, despite Samuel Eto’o also being officially labelled as scoring the same amount with Barca. This is because Marca only gave him 24, attributing a goal against his old club, Mallorca, to Deco (despite official arbitrators giving it to Eto’o).

This also had an effect on the European Golden Boot (now called Golden Shoe!). The ‘Bota de Oro’ (Golden Boot) is the award presented each season to the leading goalscorer in league games from the top level of every European league. It uses the Pichichi standings and as such Eto’o missed out on a share of that as well (although, he made up for it by winning both the Pichichi and Golden Boot the following year).

Then for the 2010-2011 Pichichi Marca awarded Ronaldo the prize and listed him as having 41 goals, despite the official tally being just 40. They had given him a goal officially awarded to Pepe. This didn’t matter in terms of competition with others as 40 would also have won it, but it did mean the new Pichichi record he had set was a goal greater than it should otherwise have been. Though it only took a season for the record to be knocked out of the water as Messi racked up a cool 50 goals the following season (last year).

This time the official count gives Messi Barca’s second goal against Athletic but Marca refuse to do so as they say the goal was an own goal by defender Amorebieta, who, in his eagerness to clear Messi’s goal-bound chip, tipped the ball in to the net.

So, the goal is officially Messi’s, but not for the Pichichi Trophy organiser, Madrid’s daily Newspaper.

Right now, although the detail is serious, it is irrelevant because Messi is tyrannical leader of the classification of La Liga’s sharp shooters. Cristiano is currently second with 13 ‘targets’ and Falcao has 11. But if for some reason the final battle would end in a tie, there would be a big problem.

Messi scores against Athletic Bilbao

After this weekend of matches there is now a mess with the Pichichi classification and it’s not the first time it’s happened.

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Messi Passes Pele and Closes in on Muller

Messi Passes Pele and Closes in on Muller

Most goals in a calendar year – Messi overtakes Pele and closes in on Gerd Muller’s world record:

  • Pele scored 75 goals in 53 games for Santos and Brasil in 1958.
  • Gerd Muller scored 85 goal in 60 games for Bayern Munich and Germany 1972.
  • Lionel Messi has, so far, scored 76 goals in 65 games for Barcelona and Argentina in 2012.

Messi has a potential 12 games left this calendar year, 2012: 11 for Barca (providing they qualify for the next round of the Copa del Rey) and one for the Argies this week against Saudi Arabia, who are managed by the man who brought Messi in to Barcelona’s first team, Frank Rijkaard!

A break down of the potential games remaining this year for Messi:

  • 6 x La Liga
  • 2 x Champions League
  • 1 x Copa del Rey, becoming 3 x Copa del Rey if Barcelona complete the win over 2 legs (currently 3-0 up after first leg, with home tie left to play)

His current ratio of goals per game in 2012 is 1.17. If he continues at that ratio he will only need he will only need to play 9 of the remaining 12 games to break Muller’s record..

Messi currently leads La Liga’s Pichichi after 11 games with 15 goals, three ahead of second placed Ronalado (12) and Falcao (10) in third.

Yesterday’s two goals that saw Messi first equal and then break Pele’s record came against his second favourite keeper, Mallorca’s Aouate. Messi has scored 11 goals against Aouate, a feat only better against Iker Casillas, against whom he’s scored 17 times.

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Falcao Pichichi

The Team is More Important than the Pichichi

Falcao PichichiColombian superstar striker Radamel Falcao said this week that he’d much rather see his Atletico Madrid side win matches than achieve the personal goal of obtaining the Pichichi Trophy as Spain’s top scorer.

Falcao took his season tally up to 7 from just 5 league games by scoring twice on Wednesday in a 4-2 win against Real Betis. Naturally that puts him top of the current Pichichi standings, 1 ahead of Lionel Messi

“I’ve never said I want to score goals to compete with Messi and Ronaldo in the Pichichi. I want to score goals to help Atletico”, Falcao said after his two goals on Wednesday night.

The Pichichi 2012 was won by Messi with an incredible record-smashing tally of 50 goals. Cristiano Ronaldo was then second ahead of third placed Falcao who finished with 24 goals in his first season in Spain.

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Fully up to date Spanish La Liga Pichichi standings (top scorers) for 2019/2020 …plus a history of the Pichichi and a list of all previous winners.
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