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New Barcelona defender

Barcelona’s New Defender

New Barcelona defenderBarcelona will be signing a central defender from the Premier League according to today’s Mundo Deportivo.

The top priority for Barcelona is the signing of a new central defender and after PSG’s Thiago Silva signed a new contract this weekend they now have 5 key options:

David Luiz, Daniel Agger, Vincent Kompany, Jan Vertonghen and Laurent Koscielny.

The paper report that Luiz would be top choice but Mourinho has recently stated that under no circumstances would Chelsea sell their Brazilian funny man.

Next in line is Liverpool’s Daniel Agger. A cheaper option that comes with experience and tactical nous, Mundo think this could be the most viable option.

If Barca can pull neither of these two off then it is thought visits to Manchester City, Tottenham and Arsenal will be next in line to try and prize one of their prized assets away.

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Daniel Agger to Barcelona?

Barcelona Turn their Attentions to Daniel Agger

Daniel Agger to Barcelona?According to this morning’s Barcelona sport paper, Mundo Deportivo, Daniel Agger is now Barcelona’s top priority.

Having been following him for 2 years now, he has recently been promoted to top of their shopping list after Thiago Silva confirmed he will be staying at Paris St Germain.

The paper quote 15 million euros as the price to tempt Agger away from his 9 year love affair with Liverpool.

The Dane is thought to have been disillusioned in recent years that he was never top priority for Barcelona but it is thought that perhaps now his opportunity has come.

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Top 15 World Footballers by Market Value

Top 15 Footballers by Market Value

Rooney-Aguero-Falcao-Transfer-ValueAs the January transfer window approaches, AS look at who is worth the most in the transfer market and discover that there are 15 players in the world that are valued at more than €40m.

The Madrid-based paper have highlighted the fact that 9 of the top 15 play in the Spanish La Liga. Just three players from the Premiership make the top 15: Rooney in 4th position is valued at €60.2m; Aguero is 7th (€53.7); and Hazard is 11th (€43.7).

Valued at €140m Lionel Messi tops the list compiled by Brazilian consultants, Pluriconsultoria , and the rest of the top 15 is as follows:

Top 15 World Footballers by Market Value

Messi – €140m
Ronaldo – €96.3m
Iniesta – €68.4m
Rooney – €60.2m
Falcao – €56.1m
Neymar – €55m
Aguero – €53.7m
Fabregas – €51m
Silva – €51m
Ozil – €44m
Hazard – €43.7m
Di Maria – €43.6m
Benzema – €42.5m
Thiago Silva – €40.5m
Buquets – €40m

So that’s four from Barcelona, 4 from Real Madrid, 1 from Atletico Madrid and one each from Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea.

Pluriconsultoria analyse 16 factors to come to their conclusions including age, technical quality, finishing ability (passes as well as shots), force, position, level of championship, titles and international appearances. All sounds a bit championship manager really. Of the above you’d thik only Falcao and possibly Neymar would move in January, and if they do I wonder how close it would be to the value given above. Sadly for Spurs fans Gareth Bale doesn’t make the top 15 so according to this publication could be off for less than €40m. Doubtful though isn’t it.

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