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Valencia Viva La Liga | EspangolLa Liga is alive. Back in England people talk of the Premiership as a league to beat all leagues. -A league where anyone can beat anyone. And compared to La Liga, in recent years they say it is better because it isn’t a two horse race…

Apparently it was going to be the same this year, if not even more polarised. Not worth watching because no-one can touch the top two. But, four games in to the season with Valencia topping the La Liga table, people in Spain are seriously asking ‘can Valencia win the Spanish league?’.

A recent poll on Spanish television resulted in 73% of voters responding to the question above with, ‘yes they can’. Four games in and the two horses have drawn three and lost one of their eight collective games. Valencia have now won 3 and drawn one, versus Barcelona.

It is easy to write the Spanish League off as a two horse race because of the almighty fame of the big two. But is English football any different? Below are some stats as food for thought when comparing the two premier football leagues of England and Spain:

Since the Premier league’s inception there have been just four winners in 19 seasons:
Machester United 12, Arsenal 3, Chelsea 3, Blackburn 1
In that time there have been five La Liga winners:
Barcelona 9, Real Madrid 6, Valencia 2, Atletico Madrid 1, Deportivo La Coruna 1

Both have had seven different runner ups:
Arsenal 5, Chelsea 4, Machester United 4, Liverpool 2, Newcastle 2, Aston Villa 1, Blackburn 1
Real Madrid 7, Barcelona 4, Deportivo La Coruna 4, Atheletic Bilbao 1, Real Sociedad 1, Valencia 1, Villarreal 1

The Premier league has had 10 third placers:
Liverpool 5, Machester United 3, Arsenal 2, Chelsea 2, Newcastle 2, Arsenal 1, Nottingham Forest 1, Leeds 1, Manchester City 1, Norwich 1
La Liga has had 11:
Valencia 4, Deportivo La Coruna 3, Barcelona 2, Mallorca 2, Sevilla 2, Real Betis 1, Deportivo La Coruna 1, Real Madrid 1, Real Sociedad 1, Villarreal 1, Real Zaragoza 1

Top two finishes:
Machester United 16, Barcelona 13, Real Madrid 13, Arsenal 8, Chelsea 7

Top three finishes:
Machester United 19, Barcelona 15, Real Madrid 14, Arsenal 10, Chelsea 9

…And for those who say it’s a modern phenomenon, here are the stats since 2000:

Premier League winners (three teams):
Machester United 7, Arsenal 2, Chelsea 3
La Liga winners (four teams):
Barcelona 5, Real Madrid 4, Valencia 2, Deportivo La Coruna 1

Runner ups (four English teams, five Spanish teams):
Arsenal 4, Chelsea 4, Liverpool 2, Machester United 2
Real Madrid 5, Barcelona 3, Deportivo La Coruna 2, Real Sociedad 1, Villarreal 1

Third placers (seven English teams, seven Spanish teams):
Liverpool 3, Machester United 3, Arsenal 2, Chelsea 1, Leeds 1, Manchester City 1, Newcastle 1
Valencia 4, Deportivo La Coruna 2, Sevilla 2, Barcelona 1, Mallorca 1, Real Madrid 1, Villarreal 1

Top two finishes (four English teams, six Spanish teams):
Machester United 9, Real Madrid 9, Barcelona 8, Chelsea 7, Arsenal 6, Deportivo La Coruna 3, Liverpool 2, Valencia 2, Real Sociedad 1, Villarreal 1
-The top two in England have had 16 top 2 finishes. The top two in Spain have had 17. 

Top three finishes (seven English teams, seven Spanish teams):
Machester United 12, Barcelona 10, Real Madrid 10, Arsenal 8, Chelsea 7, Valencia 6, Deportivo La Coruna 5, Liverpool 5, Sevilla 2, Leeds Uited 1, Manchester City 1, Newcastle 1, Villarreal 2, Real Sociedad 1
-The top two in England have had 20 top 3 finishes, as have the top two in Spain.

Not much in it, is there? … VIVA LA LIGA!!!

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  1. Daniel says:

    After three years Real Madrid finally got the 32nd title, while Barcelona has won 21. Finally the “Big two” (Barcelona and Real Madrid) still dominates la liga with 53 titles, all other clubs won only 28 and last time that la liga hadnt been won by another club Barcelona or Real Madrid was in 2004 by Valencia !
    List of la liga winners


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